Here are a few recent projects:

This is my third painted chair.  I'm learning as I go, and this one was the easiest.  I still have a bit of work left on this chair, so it's not quite complete, but I was so pleased how it came out, that I wanted to show everyone.


This desk was salvaged from an old storage unit.  It was in great shape, but had a very dark stain on it.  It used to be kept in an office for the Frisco Railroad.  It had nicks and scratches on it, which really gave the piece character.  I stripped the dark color, sanded it down, and added new pulls and knobs.  My youngest daughter wanted her room done in a Paris theme.  I was able to find flour de lei pulls and I used a lighter stain. 

Please excuse the photos.  I took them before I really expected to be doing a blog... plus I'm not a great photographer.  The before picture doesn't really do justice to the dark wood, nor does it show the detail work on the front.  This is a gorgeous desk. I only accentuated it.

Note: As you can see we have added a fish tank.  Allow me to introduce Perfection, Frank, and George.  (uh, yea... she's 12) 


For Christmas, we got a new television set from my generous in-laws.  However our old entertainment center wasn't large enough to accommodate it.  So I found this amazing hutch. Solid wood with lots of character.  I sanded it down and painted it black.  Its hard to see in the photos, but I painted the drawers a matte black and the rest is glossy black. Again.. I know... not a great photographer.... quit judging! :)  Oh.. and if you notice, we are indeed watching the office.... I do love Jim.


A few months ago, a friend showed me a website on how to paint fabric furniture.  This is my second attempt and I'm definitely hooked.  The paint does alter the texture of the chair, but it makes it a unique and interesting accent piece.

Note: My daughter refers to the fabric texture as sticky.  So keep in mind, this isn't a piece of furniture that you would lounge in... they are accent pieces.  I've sat in both often and they both still look exactly as they did when they were finished.  

First Chair

This was my first attempt at painting fabric furniture.  It was definitely a new experience.  I found both chairs at a local flea market for less than $15.  After purchasing the paint and fabric medium, I have approximately $35 - $40 in each piece.  Given that both are unique and match perfectly, I think it was a pretty good deal.
Cane-Back chairs

These chairs were in the same storage unit as the desk.  They had been exposed to weather and water.  The paint was flaking and the fabric was stained and smelly.  There were 6 chairs, and three were in really good shape, three were not; having some holes in the cane.  I repaired them, repainted and recovered the seats.  These were given to me, and I was able to do the repairs and purchase the supplies very cheaply.  I spent roughly $35 on all six chairs.  But of course, I then had to re-finish my table.  :)


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