More about me

Here are some miscellaneous boring things about me:
  • I love syfy and horror movies. Vampires, zombies, and Werewolves... freakin' awesome.
  • I'm certain that if we have a zombie apocalypse, I will be a survivor. 
  • I have a shoe and purse addiction.
  • I love to decorate, then re-decorate. 
  • I'm fiercely proud and protective of my three girls... they are amazing.
  • I'm that mom that takes an obnoxious amount of photos.... of everything.
  • I am also that mom that will brag obnoxiously about her kids. Deal with it.
  • I'm totally high-maintenance. I love makeup, hair products and don't expect me to get ready in ten minutes.
  • Sometimes stupid things make me laugh uncontrollably during inopportune times. Sorry widow Jenkins.....
  • I am close to being a germ-a-phobe.
  • I cannot go to sleep without checking my alarm no fewer than three times.
  • I love naps and relaxing.  I'm not lazy, but I do realize the importance of beauty rest.
  • I would like to lose some weight, but I'm not yet willing to exercise or quit snacking.  Yes... I know.... don't judge.
  • I love artwork and plays and musicals.
  • I know more about softball than necessary, after watching my daughter play for years.  I can use softball terms both correctly and accurately.  Ducks on a pond... bad.  Frozen rope....good.
  • I have a masters degree in criminology, which serves me well when one needs useless facts about serial killers.
  • I am an only child.... and yes, it IS all about me. 
  • I'm obnoxiously competitive, so much so that my family doesn't like to play games with me.
  • I love to travel, and haven't done nearly enough.
  • I, too, find this list boring, yet I will continue to add to it..... feel free to come back soon,

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