Friday, May 9, 2014

It's like the Style Manual for social media....

Maybe it’s because I’ve been ill this week.  I was diagnosed with vertigo.  If you’ve never had vertigo… don’t make the mistake of thinking it sounds fun and kitchy…it’s neither.  It’s kinda like walking through those spinning cylinders at the end of the fun house.  But like all the time.  And without the fun or fried oreos.   And no one, and I mean no one, looks good groping the doorway molding while muttering “make it stop”.   I’m certain if I were in Salem in the late 1600’s, I’d be tested for buoyancy in the river. 
OR Maybe there hasn’t been enough new stories, so the media is scrambling for fodder.

OR Maybe my inner sociopath was kicked into high gear and hateful came out.
OR I’m getting that old lady thing where she says rude things but everyone thinks she’s an adorable hoot because she’s old.  Could be any of these or a host of other reasons, but, everywhere I look, something was irritating.  So I came up with some friendly suggestions – you know, cuz I’m helpful and stuff.  

·         Miley, Justin and Lindsey – Stop talking.  Seriously… Just stop talking. 

·         Monica Lewinsky – Let. It. Go. 

·         All pseudo-stars (you know who you are Snooky)

o   You chose to step into the public eye – you don’t get to be a victim.   

o   Quit acting stupid to get attention (are you listening Miley?). 

o   Just because you are in a magazine or on tv doesn’t make you automatically interesting.

·         If your reality show was canceled …. Back away.  You are done.

Anonymous commenters on every news story that was found (like all three of them): 

·         Yes, you are entitled to your opinion.  But proper grammar and spelling make your argument seem more valid.  Two, to, too!!!!!

Facebook posters:

·         Bill Gates is not going to donate money to charity if you “share” or “like” the post. 

·         Do not post a thousand duck-lipped selfies of you and the gals out on the town, then ask me to pray for you the next day because you are feeling ill.  Things don’t work that way.

·         I don’t care what kind of cloud or perfume or desk lamp you are.  The fact that you relate yourself to these things makes me question the future of our Facebook relationship.

·         When you post your dirty laundry on the internet….everyone can see it, everyone can comment, everyone thinks you are a jerk.

·         Everything you read on the internet is not automatically true.  Except this blog.

·         You are not being endearing, deep, fetch (Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!) or shrewd by posting vague statuses about your life. ie: “Why do bad things happen to me?”  Don’t be offended when I say “Because you are dumb”.

·         Just because you think of something, doesn’t mean you have share it. (note to self – should have thought of that sooner).

·         When you over exaggerate stories like the Sterling racism thing, all you do is breathe life into his notoriety.  He doesn not deserve our acknowledgement or attention.

Well, ok now kids.  That concludes Aunt Mis’ rules to live by.  Yea, I know it went from “suggestions” to “Rules”, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want!  HA!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Flowers

Hi Folks!  I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to lately.  My daughter is getting married next year and the wedding is going to be a shabby chic-esque type d├ęcor.  So for the last few months I’ve been looking at different types of fun decorations.  One thing that struck my attention was origami flowers.  I saw some at a craft show, and thought they would be perfect accent pieces for the reception.  So I learned how to make them and found them to be very fun and easy.  My thought is to use old song sheets or books that are old or that I can make look old with tea.  Below is a pic of one I did from some scrapbook paper I had.  This was my first attempt so its not perfect, but you get the idea.  It's also not the colors of her wedding, but you get the idea.

On an unrelated topic, it should be noted that these flowers do not hold up well when taken hostage by cute, adorable puppies…. Hence the bended corners. 

Once I get the whole idea in place, I will post more pics.

Monday, April 21, 2014

What I do when I'm not here entertaining all you folks.....

Hi Everyone!  You know how I always say that I’m gonna do better and blog more… then I get all “I so love to nap” and then I bow out like a loser and don’t blog?  Well this time, let’s be truthful.  No more pretending I’m all with it and together?  I’m not.  Truth is, I’m sorta lazy and I get distracted.  Like a lot all the time.  I’m like ADD or something… I don’t know, The Voice is on so I’m a bit Adam Levine is on TV. oh wow… he looks so cute in glasses.  Wait, what was I saying? Oh, I was telling you that I’m a loser. Got it.

Even though I know all of you are waiting day in and day out for me to compose these wonderful words of wisdom, I haven’t been totally completely lazy – well judge for yourself.  Below is a list of a few things I’ve been doing:
  • I’ve judged a Jr. High speech contest. My kid is awesome, by the way.
  • Broke and bought a new washer.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time at the Laundromat.  I secretly love it.
  • I’ve picked my favorite Voice contestant.  But I’m not telling until the end that way if they lose, no one will know and I will claim the winner as my fav. And that’s how I roll.
  • Started watching Supernatural on Netflix.
  • Learned how to make origami flowers – pics to come later.
  • Visited a ton of yard sales – even one that may or may not have been a meth house. I did not make a purchase.
  • I have snuggled and loved on my two favorite boys.
  • Spent like hours trying to photo said boys.
  • I reworked my flea booth like ten times (ok, twice).
  • I updated my Etsy shop.  You should totally check it out.
  • I've correctly predicted the storyline of The Blacklist.  I knew her husband was no good.... knew it!
  • I’ve had like a zillion ideas for Posh, which turned into like two “ok” ideas.
  • Decided on a title for my book, then decided it was too much work. And didn’t have a storyline.  And I’m not so good with the grammar. That took like a whole day or three.
  • I joined a gym, and I’ve been twice.  Including the time I joined.
  • I’ve helped plan my daughter’s wedding.  (why I joined the gym and origami flowers)
  • Bought a sewing machine and turned a $5 yard sale desk into an awesome sewing table.  No, I can't sew, but I'm learning. Slowly.
  • I’ve decided Halo oranges are as addictive as crack.  Though I don’t know much about crack except what I’ve seen on CSI… which isn’t good.  But the oranges are awesome!

I’m sure there’s a lot more stuff there, but I can’t remember it all.  Cuz I’m so busy and stuff.  So now that I’ve upheld my end of the bargain, it’s your turn. You should go see my Etsy page, “like” my blog, follow me on Pintrest, visit my flea booth and tell all your friends that if they aren’t reading my stuff, they are losers and you won’t play with them anymore.

How could you not get distracted by these babies?
This is Daytona.  He's the muscle behind the mayhem. Don't let the cute appearance fool you.  He's like Spiderman without all the webbing, cool costume and saving the world stuff.  He's too busy climbing into spaces that a cat wouldn't dare tread, locating left over food and things to chew destroy.  So I guess he's really the opposite of Spiderman.  Whatever.
This is Hank.  He is the lead terrorist. Wreaking havoc and cuteness upon us all.  He is also the guardian of the neighborhood.  In case anyone leaves their house, comes home or dares be in their own yard, Hank will monitor the activity taking detailed notes for later use.  We are all so in trouble.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Here is the Christmas porch.  We had some really bad weather between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we didn't get lights up this year.


Here are a few pics of my porch decorated for Halloween.  I wanted a fun theme, so this year it was a witches den.  Can you feel the goosebumps yet?

Here are a few inside shots:

Just some pics

This isn't a true blog, it's just a series of pics.  With the busy holiday schedule, my goals were to make it thru without blood shed.  Good news.  I'm not writing from jail.

This is a new project I'm working on.  They are pins to be used with scarves or cardigans.  Personally, sometimes when I wear cardigans, they are a bit too open, so I began looking for cute pins to wear with them.  However I wasn't able to find any, so using old buttons and old jewelry, I made various sizes of safety-type pins. 

I think they look very nice.  I'm hoping to begin selling them in the next few months.  Tell your friends! ;)