Monday, September 23, 2013

Puppy fever

As you all know, we have a new puppy at our house. Hank has managed to make all of us fall in love with him. Well daughter #1 got puppy fever, so we now have another new puppy in our lives. Bo doesnt live with us, but we love him the same. He visited yesterday and was not impressed with the new decor. But hes a dog and apparently hiney sniffing is funner.

One more....

Just another pic or two.

Time for change

My house has very high ceilings in the living room and kitchen. My living room has a large shelf at the top which i use to decorate and collect dust.  Ive had the same stuff up there for years so i decided it was time for a change.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oops... forgot this........

This is Hank.  Or the Hankster.  Or "NO, Hank get out of there" or my favorite "Hank's been too quiet.... go look for poo!". 

He has nothing at all to do with Halloween, decorating or anything posh.  I'm only posting this because one: he's asleep and didn't know I had the camera on him and two: look at how cute he is!!!!!

And for all you sports fans, Hank now has a St. Louis Cardinal Hoodie that he wears to support the team.  I would post a pic, but there was an unfortunate incident with my phone, and let's just say my new one will be here later today.

Halloween in September. Yea, it's weird.

I love the holidays, but one of my favorite times to decorate is Fall/Halloween. I love the mums, pumpkins and all the spooky things you can buy.  Up until now, I felt that my girls were too young to do really scary decorations, but now that they are a bit older, I've changed my mind a bit.  Not that what I did is scary, but it's more Haloween-y than normal.  Typically I would do a standard FALL decoration, then closer to Halloween I would add more Halloween-y stuff (yes, Halloween-y) is a real word. But this year, I've decided to forego the fall and head straight into Halloween.  Here are some pics of my current front porch. I'm calling it "The Witches Lair".  Mainly because Lair sounds so ominous.  Its really more of a corner.... but who's counting?


Side View.  Notice the window.  I needed something to add length and depth.  I have several old windows that I picked up from flea markets.  I hung it on existing hooks, because the Hubs didn't want me putting holes on the outside of the house.... something about safety and weakening the brick... anyway, so I improvised.

Here is her writing area. Obviously she has to have good penmanship.
After taking about six million pics, I managed to NOT get the small birdcage that is hanging by the window.  It will be the home of the new black crow when he arrives. 
I had fun with this, and tried to use existing things I had collected.  My goal was to spend as little as possible, and I will be selling many of these items when I'm done.  That's the joy of this job.... I get to recreate a LOT!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail. Or some crap like that .....

Hi Everyone!  We are speedy gonzolez approaching my favorite time of the year.  Fall.  I love the cooler weather, sweaters and boots, falling leaves, you know.... the normal stuff.  But I also love Halloween.  I love scary movies and creepy house decorations.  And I also love that Fall leads right into the Holiday Season, and who doesn't love the Holidays (Uh, yes, I'll take Christmas cookies for $400, Alex). 

Anyway, I'm also excited because I am going to redecorate my front porch.  I did a whole Spring/Summer poshy thing this year.  It was new, fun and I loved it.  But I have the attention span of a 7 week old puppy who has to potty, (and I have it on good authority, that said puppy has zero attention span....ever....) so I need to change things up a bit.


This is the current state of the porch.  Its a mix of older, shabby chic mixed with surviving house plants with some weird color scheme to add pizazz.  or not.  Anyway, it's definitely not "fallish", so I've been plotting (and by plotting, I mean stalking Pinterest) for some new ideas.  I have a few things I would like to try.  But the Hubs has restricted me to no power saws, so I will have to get creative.  Geez, one glue gun incident and you'd think I almost burned my fingers off. ok,  well yea I did almost burn my fingers off.... but that is so not the point.  Anyway, stay tuned for things to come. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween is coming soon!!!

Here at the Posh flea, we are getting ready for fall.


And this post has nothing to do with furniture, yard sales or flea markets.  Maybe fleas, but lets hope not!

Meet the newest addition to our family. This is Hank. He has stolen our hearts and doesnt care one bit about repurposing flea finds.