Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fireworks and Food....

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  I took a small break to be with the family.  We ate a lot, shot off fireworks and ate some more. Four words…. Red velvet funnel cake.  That’s really all that’s necessary.  Yea.  I worked a bit on projects, but mostly relaxed. So I don’t have much to report. Ok, well a little, but we’ll get there in a minute…

Last weekend I went to my very first storage auction.  It was awesome.  My friend and I bought a bought a small unit.  It didn’t have much stuff in it, and we may (or may not) get our money back, but the experience was really good.  It’s pretty much like the t.v. show.  We saw lots of plastic containers, a HUGE (like the 6 foot high) picture of Al Pacino in a bathtub of bubbles and lots of big televisions and mattresses.

To my disappointment, I did not see anyone from the Storage Wars, nor did I see any of the Haunted Collector people.  Which was good…. Since we didn’t see any ghosts or find anything haunted either.  Always a good thing I suppose. 

I was hoping for a bible full of cash.  I found the bibles, but no cash.  Unless you count pennies and a dime or two. But it’s all cool, because we got like 68 cents back immediately, so there’s that. I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes with the sales of all the junk stuff.

I did take a big step this week.  I turned part of our current flea booth into a posh site. My friend Paula and I share a booth at a very traditional flea market.  So the goodies you find there are very diversified.  I wanted to see if items that I am working on would sell, so I filled a portion of the booth with posh items.  So we will see how things go with sales.  It’s a first step. 
I'm taking another step.  I'm opening an Etsy store.  I'm hoping to get some things in the shop there soon.  Stay tuned for updates there too.  Or better yet..... go buy stuff!!! :) 

I did take a little break over the long weekend, but I did some work.  Here are a few things I’m working on.


 Take a look in the Gallery for before and after pics of this chair.  I still have some final touches to do on it, but I wanted to post the pic. 
It was this or show you my garage.  Which is clean now.... or sorta clean now.

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