Monday, April 21, 2014

What I do when I'm not here entertaining all you folks.....

Hi Everyone!  You know how I always say that I’m gonna do better and blog more… then I get all “I so love to nap” and then I bow out like a loser and don’t blog?  Well this time, let’s be truthful.  No more pretending I’m all with it and together?  I’m not.  Truth is, I’m sorta lazy and I get distracted.  Like a lot all the time.  I’m like ADD or something… I don’t know, The Voice is on so I’m a bit Adam Levine is on TV. oh wow… he looks so cute in glasses.  Wait, what was I saying? Oh, I was telling you that I’m a loser. Got it.

Even though I know all of you are waiting day in and day out for me to compose these wonderful words of wisdom, I haven’t been totally completely lazy – well judge for yourself.  Below is a list of a few things I’ve been doing:
  • I’ve judged a Jr. High speech contest. My kid is awesome, by the way.
  • Broke and bought a new washer.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time at the Laundromat.  I secretly love it.
  • I’ve picked my favorite Voice contestant.  But I’m not telling until the end that way if they lose, no one will know and I will claim the winner as my fav. And that’s how I roll.
  • Started watching Supernatural on Netflix.
  • Learned how to make origami flowers – pics to come later.
  • Visited a ton of yard sales – even one that may or may not have been a meth house. I did not make a purchase.
  • I have snuggled and loved on my two favorite boys.
  • Spent like hours trying to photo said boys.
  • I reworked my flea booth like ten times (ok, twice).
  • I updated my Etsy shop.  You should totally check it out.
  • I've correctly predicted the storyline of The Blacklist.  I knew her husband was no good.... knew it!
  • I’ve had like a zillion ideas for Posh, which turned into like two “ok” ideas.
  • Decided on a title for my book, then decided it was too much work. And didn’t have a storyline.  And I’m not so good with the grammar. That took like a whole day or three.
  • I joined a gym, and I’ve been twice.  Including the time I joined.
  • I’ve helped plan my daughter’s wedding.  (why I joined the gym and origami flowers)
  • Bought a sewing machine and turned a $5 yard sale desk into an awesome sewing table.  No, I can't sew, but I'm learning. Slowly.
  • I’ve decided Halo oranges are as addictive as crack.  Though I don’t know much about crack except what I’ve seen on CSI… which isn’t good.  But the oranges are awesome!

I’m sure there’s a lot more stuff there, but I can’t remember it all.  Cuz I’m so busy and stuff.  So now that I’ve upheld my end of the bargain, it’s your turn. You should go see my Etsy page, “like” my blog, follow me on Pintrest, visit my flea booth and tell all your friends that if they aren’t reading my stuff, they are losers and you won’t play with them anymore.

How could you not get distracted by these babies?
This is Daytona.  He's the muscle behind the mayhem. Don't let the cute appearance fool you.  He's like Spiderman without all the webbing, cool costume and saving the world stuff.  He's too busy climbing into spaces that a cat wouldn't dare tread, locating left over food and things to chew destroy.  So I guess he's really the opposite of Spiderman.  Whatever.
This is Hank.  He is the lead terrorist. Wreaking havoc and cuteness upon us all.  He is also the guardian of the neighborhood.  In case anyone leaves their house, comes home or dares be in their own yard, Hank will monitor the activity taking detailed notes for later use.  We are all so in trouble.

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