Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello, Nice to meet you....

Hi everyone!  I'm pretty new at this blogging thing, as well as the re-purposing thing.  I blame my friend (we'll call her Paula, because that's her name), for this new interest.  She drug me, kicking and screaming to flea markets.  Ok, that's exaggerated, but Paula did get me started, so now my garage is full of old furniture, I know a lot about paint... more about how to remove it from my body, and my house smells constantly of chemicals.  (not like a meth-y smell), or anything, more like paint thinner, dust, fear and sweat.  :)
All kidding aside, I do enjoy this new interest, and I hope you do too.  I find it very relaxing and therapeutic.   I hope to influence creativity on this site, and hopefully provide some mild entertainment. 
I will also try to include some photos of the process, so you too, can share in my pain see the process.  For example, the very first project I tackled was an old hand basin.  It was also my first experience with paint stripper  I'm not saying it was messy, but let's just say there may still be puke green vomit-like sludge on my garage floor.  You can view the of the finished product, not the sludge below.  (assuming I can figure out how to post pics.  :) 
Hope you enjoy the site.  Feel free to email me and/or leave comments.  I need me some good minions followers. 

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