Sunday, May 26, 2013

Different strokes for different folks....

Had a great few weekends of fleaing.  Went to Warsaw, Springfield, Republic, and Leavenworth, KS.  I've seen many different kinds of flea markets. I've tried to put a definition to some of them:
  • Junker.  These are my favorites.  We're talking dust, dirt, no air-conditioning and usually great prices.  Not only are these my favorites, but they are where you find the most unique and various items.  Old tools to creepy dolls to the that diamond in the rough find. Fun things I've found, includes the creepiest killer clown doll that would even make chucky cry.  A childs coffin.  yes.... a childs coffin.  I've found old photos and antiques.  Ninja stars, old Halloween masks, and wedding dresses.  There is entertainment around every corner.  And when I'm in a feisty mood, I am all kinds of entertaining. 

  • Classic antique.  These are real antiquers who know what they are doing.  These are pretty, expensive and beautiful shops.  Now.  I don't know much about antiques.  I know enough to appreciate them, so I enjoy visiting.  I typically don't purchase anything, but I enjoy looking.  I also feel very concerned that I will break something, so I almost tiptoe through the stores.

  • Hoity Toity - these are the technically flea markets, but are more upscale.  Here's where you will find flea market stuff, but it's fixed up and in great shape.  And a lot of it is actually new stuff that is fun or kitchy.  These booths are staged and decorated and fun to look at.  You won't find dust, or junky, broken furniture.  These are very fun to visit, but you will also find higher prices. 

  • Mixed bag - Then there is the mix of any combination of these.  This is fun also because you never know what you will see in each booth. 
This past few weekends, I've seen all of these categories. Had a great time with good friends. And ate wonderful food. 

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