Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paint fumes and Ninja Swords.... they actually do go together... or not.

Hello fellow flea fans.  The last few weekends, I've been shopping and working on various projects.  Not only is flea marketing fun because you see wonderfully awesome things and sometimes things of nightmares:  (I saw the creepiest doll ever.  Chucky would have ran from her. She had these black eyes that followed me.   I was gonna take a photo, but I was totally scared she would somehow come thru the camera screen like that weird wet girl in the well coming out of the tv in that one movie.  Safety first people!)  But after I ran like I needed to jump on my bed from the doorway so the monster under my bed wouldn't get me walked like a mature adult to another isle, I overheard this conversation:
  • Teen Boy 1: Wow... look at this sword.  Do you think its the real deal?
  • Teen Boy 2: Yea, man.. that's way cool.  It's gotta be real. (ok, I don't know if he said "way cool" but you get the idea.....)
  • Boy 1: Why would someone sell it if its real?
  • Boy 2: Maybe the dude is poor and needs cash.
  • Dad overhearing this conversation walks over: Ummm guys, it's $5.  Its a safe bet that its not real.  Kinda like those ninja stars there... they say made in USA.
At that moment, I realized that these boys knew more about Middle Earth than they would girls.

And since I'm always helpful and stuff, I told them where the devil doll was located so they could try out those ninja swords and stars and also so they could be creeped out as well.  Their parents can thank me later!

Anyway, most of you don't know me but if you did, you would know that when I shop I tend to stick to the basics.  The majority of my closet is black or brown.  Not that I don't like color, I'm just not really brave with it.  The majority of my house is neutral colors as well. 

However, lately I've really been trying to get out of my neutral comfort zone and add some color.  This is very stressful for me, and I've worried and fussed about it for months.  However, I put on my big girl panties and decided to take the plunge.  After I got up from the fetal position in the corner, I did this:
By the time I was done with the cute plant cart, I was all hopped up on adrenaline or paint fumes and started this:
 I'm outta control.  High on trying new things..... or the paint fumes, but I am enjoying my new color risks.  Obviously the chair isn't complete, but I was so excited I had to share.
I'm totally experimenting with colorful clothing too.  I added white to my closet.  Don't judge... change takes time people.
So the moral of this story, if you see a $5 Ninja Sword, it's probably not real.  AND.... paint fumes can be inspiring AND no one knows what those creepy devil dolls do at night alone in those booths. Remember Gremlins?.... yea.... remember that!
Happy Fleaing Folks!

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